How to Guide – the Winfooz Marketplace

We’ve said it before and will repeat it…everything you can think of nowadays can be bought at a click of a button.

In a recent article, we showed you just how simple it is to get set up on the Winfooz marketplace. Now we will show you how to buy, sell and interact with the platform.

Adding a vehicle:

Now that you know how to register and add your dealerships, the next critical piece of information is, how to add a vehicle for sale. For a dealer to add a car the process is straightforward:

  • Select add car
  • Scan VIN Number (use the camera or enter manually to auto-populate main fields)
  • Fill in other details such as new/used, odometer, interior, fuel type, colour, number of keys and a note to potential buyers
  • Specify any options that come with the car such as AC, Climate Control and Cruise Control
  • Upload or take photos of the vehicle you wish to sell

Once you have this complete, you’re ready to move onto the next stage of the process. The damage map is one of the most important features when it comes to selling a car. Here you can outline issues your vehicle might have such as scratches or dents. To do this, choose the area of the car that has the damage, upload the picture and fill in the detail whether that’s rust, scratches or something else.

Then you will move onto the disclosers/sale condition screen. Here is where you can decide if the car will be sold:

  • As is (Red)
  • Seller guaranteed (Green)
  • With disclosers, such as accidents or car history (Orange)

After this is complete, you will move onto the price page. In this page, you set the selling type as Buy Now, Bidding (Reserve or No Reserve), Make Offer or any variation of the three. Choose your sale type, enter your price, select a preconfigured sale period and hit publish. Your car is now in the marketplace. If you decide that you aren’t ready to sell just yet, you can choose to “park” the vehicle until you want to republish for sale. Here you can also request an inspection, whereby one of our experts will arrange to visit.

Using 360

Your vehicle is up and ready to sell, but how are you going to make your car stand out? And how can potential buyers be sure that your vehicle is the one for them? That’s when our innovative 360-degree imaging comes in.

Once you have published a car on mobile, you will get an option to add the 360 media. One important point to note here, you will want to leave approximately 10 feet of space around the vehicle to help you get a good quality view of the car.

On your phone screen, you will see a green box overlaying the camera. Fit your vehicle within this frame, hit record and then you have 1 minute to walk around the car. Once this is done hit submit and our system will create a 360 panorama.

After your 360 views are added you can define hotspots. Swipe around the vehicle and click on an area you would like to highlight. Once you select a hotspot, name it and choose whether it’s damage or information. You can even add notes and additional supporting photos or videos you wish to share with a prospective buyer for complete transparency.

As a result of this easy to use 360 imaging, a potential buyer will be able to use this information to get a clear view of your vehicle and make a more informed purchasing decision.

Searching made simple

As a dealer using the mobile app, you can scroll through the list of vehicles on the marketplace, including your own. To hide your vehicles from your lost, go into filters and select hide. We have other filters in the page that include:

  • Location
  • New/Used Status
  • Sale Type
  • Make and Model
  • Minimum and Maximum Year
  • Minimum and Maximum Odometer
  • Minimum and Maximum Price
  • Body Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Colors

Apply any filter you wish to show only the vehicles you would like to purchase.

Now that you have found the vehicles you wish to browse, scroll through the list and choose any car you want to to take a closer look at. In the car view, you will be able to see all the information available, including the vehicles Carfax report.

In this view, you will also see our instant chat service where you will be able to ask any questions to the seller you may have. In addition to chatting you can also add a video, a picture or an audio message to start a conversation.


Selecting the sale type of bidding is a simple process when you are publishing your vehicle:

  • Choose your sale period
  • Set selling type as bidding
  • Select whether you want to sell with a reserve price or no reserve price
  • Set your reserve price
  • Set your bid start amount
  • Choose your bidding increment

Once the car is published, the vehicle is now available for sale at auction.

As a buyer, when you click on a vehicle that is set up for bidding, the program will show you the starting bid and give you the option to place your bid. You can then place a bid using the default bidding increment or by placing your own proposal. Once you have placed your bid the seller will be notified.

Chances are you won’t be the only person bidding on any given vehicle. That’s why we will notify you through the app. If you are outbid this gives you the opportunity to increase your bid if you so wish.

To help manage your bidding we have created an auto bid button. This feature allows you to set up the maximum price you are willing to pay for the vehicle. As new bids come in, your auto bid will increase by the next increment until you either win the lot or have surpassed your price ceiling.

If a reserve price is set the sale will not go through until the reserve is hit.

As a seller, you will be notified when your car is sold. On this page of the platform, you will also receive an electronic bill of sale, which contains the buyer’s relevant information. This streamlined process ensures that everything is done in one location for your ease.

Buy Now

Our second sale type is precisely what it sounds like. When publishing your vehicle choose “Buy Now” and set your price and a buyer can then press the “Buy Now” button if they are happy to purchase for that price.

It’s that easy. Once the sales have gone through, the vehicle will move to the buyer’s inventory where they will have the option to:

  • View the bill of sale
  • Review Seller
  • Resell Car

Here a buyer can decide to instantly flip the vehicle they have just bought. By choosing the Resell Car button, the buyer turns seller and the normal sales procedure begins again.

Make an Offer

Finally, let’s look at our “Make Offer” sales type. As with our other selling types, a dealer will choose this while publishing their vehicle. This sales type allows potential buyers to submit a bid on a specific car, which the sellers can accept, reject or counter.

After thoroughly checking the car details and condition report, a buyer will then make a bid. However, if the proposal is lower than the dealer’s minimum price the offer will be automatically rejected. This means sellers won’t be plagued with needless offers and only serious bidders will be in the market.

If a seller counters the offer, the buyer will be notified. At this point, the buyer can decide whether they would like to accept, reject or counter the seller’s response. When both parties are happy with the price, the seller will accept the bid, and the buyer will be notified as the vehicle moves to their inventory with the bill of sale.

Using the Winfooz platform is simple. Whether you’re buying or selling a vehicle everything you need is only ever a click away. If you are having any trouble or have any questions, please call our expert sales team at +1-905-909-0906. They would be more than happy to help.