Finding a Mechanic You Can Trust

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Trying to find a mechanic or an auto-repair shop you can trust requires patience, hard work and research. However when you do find the right person to take care of your motor, it’s worth the wait.

Most drivers who cars are no longer covered by warranty usually trust independent repair shows to fix their cars because there’s a feeling OEM garages can be expensive. But how do you find the right mechanic? Let’s have a look!

Where to start

The first step we recommend any driver looking for a mechanic takes is to study any available information for specialist mechanics in your area. If you are unsure where to go, have a look at the Good Mechanics web portal.

This will give you a list of reviews from other people in the community and that should give you a better idea of whose a mechanic you can trust. It’s important to remember that more people online are driven to give a review based on a poor experience rather than a good experience. We recommend using Google Reviews as a secondary tool to give you more information and insight. Just don’t forget to use your best judgement.


Online forums are also a great resource to use in your hunt for the right mechanic. You can find a lot of information posting on a thread, asking for recommendations or just seeking help with your cars problems. Chances are someone out there has asked the same questions.

When checking out forums and online reviews again it’s important to remember that people online are driven to give a review based on a poor experience rather than a good experience. In most cases, you will be able to get a good idea as to their honestly and integrity.

Search for specialists

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Every once in a while a vehicle can have a problem that proves problematic to most auto repair shops. The main way to avoid this problem is to find repair shops that specialise in your brand. As with life in general, being able to understand a problem and knowing the potential pitfalls goes a long way towards making a clear diagnosis and resolving the problem effectively.

Let’s us the example of a BMW. If it breaks down you would be best suited to search for auto shops that specialized in German vehicles. Once you find these, then you can find out who has successfully dealt with your model in particular. No matter the vehicle rest assured that there are specialized mechanics for even the most obscure of brands.

Word of mouth

Ask around, it’s so simple but damn it’s effective. Ask friends, family, people you work with, these are the people closest to you and chances are they won’t steer you wrong. They are more likely to give you an honest reflection on both their good and bad experiences.

Quality over quantity

A top quality auto repair shop will focus on the quality rather than the quantity of work they get through. Any repair shop that that seems in a rush to get your vehicle in before understanding the problem or letting you give them the details should be a big red flag. In your search for the mechanic you can trust, finding someone who will take the time to understand the problem and will diagnose the vehicle correctly are two things you should be on the lookout for. Basically, they should know you’re not the expert and they shouldn’t be afraid to answer your questions.

Another thing to look out for would be a garage with a clear hierarchy of mechanics. Having a head mechanic on-site who delegates jobs and ensures the quality of work means that you can expect the job to be done to a high standard.

One mistake with auto repair shops with weak leadership is the potential to cut corners and you want to avoid that at all costs.

Passion over pay-check

Our final tip is probably obvious but we think it’s very important. Find the mechanic who is passionate about their job and someone who you know is a real expert for the brand they work on. A mechanic who is proud of their work will always be ready to go the extra mile to get the job right. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence database is a great resource to help you find a blue seal recognized shop in your area.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, if there is something wrong with your car, you need to get it fixed. Finding the mechanic you can trust is a big task, but when you do, at least you will always know your car is in the right hands. We hope this helps and if you have any tips for people you think we are missing then let us know.