5 Ways to drive traffic to your website using Instagram

It’s a well-known fact that nowadays social media is very important for community building and audience engagement. Social media, in general, is now playing a significant role in building brand awareness, engaging communities and driving sales.

Instagram, now known as the quickest growing social media platform is a place filled with stunning images, influencers and right now it ranks second only after Facebook in terms of monthly active users! As an auto dealer, you will be aware that the right picture of a car can be a visually beautiful piece of work but the question is are you maximising the ability Instagram has in terms of driving traffic to your site?

If the answer is anything other than yes, here are a few key points to help you on the way:

Put Your Website Link in Your Bio

This might sound like the most simple and straightforward but a lot of companies and brands forget the basics when it comes to IG. Instagram lets users include a clickable link in their bio! If you prefer you can also use a shortened url.

If you take nothing else away from this article please let it be this, put your website link into your bio. How can people find your website otherwise?

Example of bio link from BMW

Having the link present in the bio should encourage your followers to visit your website. This bio space is the only place in Instagram where a hyperlink is allowed (until you get over 10k followers) so don’t waste a great opportunity to put your brand out there.

Understand your audience with Analytics

As with anything, understanding your audience is the key to sales. Instagram has its own built-in analytics tool to help you better understand how your posts are performing. So use it! Take the time to go through your data and learn:

  • Best posting times
  • Best times for user engagement
  • Top performing content

Using the data will help you understand your audience and plan your future campaigns accordingly. As an auto-dealer, this is important to note – a correctly planned IG campaign will activate your audience and thus drive more visitors to your brand page. It’s up to you at that point to convert them.

Use Stories

Instagram stories are used by over 300million active users every single day. Using this relatively new feature your dealership can gain solid attention and in turn push traffic to your website. Due to the success of Instagram stories we are now seeing a growth in the number of global brands that are using stories to share their brands content. Think as a dealership could you use this space to show off your top 3 cars for sale? How you complete a service or generally show your brand as the best place to buy a vehicle in your region.

Image result for instagram stories with cars
Examples of IG stories from Mercedez – Benz

From GIF’s to location tags, filters, Boomerangs and everything else in between, IG stories give you the opportunity to deliver your content in a more personalized and engaging way like never before. Once you break the magic 10k follower mark you will even be able to add the “Swipe up” feature to your stories where you can add a link to direct people to your website, directly through the story.

Interestingly the hard sell pitch here won’t work, this is statistically proven to annoy users. Be thoughtful, creative and informative, this is far more likely engage your audience and influence their purchasing behaviour.

Finally, stories vanish after 24 hours, but you can save a thread of them to your profile in a feature called highlights. This will allow any person who goes to your page the opportunity to view these stories and in turn keep driving traffic to your website.

Engage with other brands and influencers

Image result for influencer car competition instagram
Porche IG promotion

Unlike some other social media platforms, IG is the place to meet high profile marketers, specific industry influencers and epic brand managers. Why not collaborate with them? By collaborating and engaging with you can increase traffic to your own account and in turn to your website.

Also look into partnering with other brands, for example, if you are launching a giveaway get your followers to like and comment on the post to enter or request an influencer to tag you in a post asking their followers to participate in your competition.

You may also sponsor an Influencer to bring a larger and more engaged audience. Offer them free products or sponsor a post on their feed to push their followers to your Instagram account. Request them to tag your Instagram account and link to your website on their Story. Instagram will always showcase the most popular and engaging content in their newsfeed, remember this – engagement is key!

The Instagram’s Shopping Feature

Image result for IG shopping feature car
Example of the IG shopping feature

Last but not least the IG shopping feature is another sure fire way to drive traffic to your website. Back in 2017, the platform released a shoppable feed solely for business accounts with 10k followers or more. Using this featured business’ can link their products directly from their photos. While not many people are going to buy a car from Instagram (that’s what Winfooz is for) you could promote deals on services, tire changes or other supporting services your dealership offers through your website.

When a user taps on a photo shared with products tagged, it shows important annotations of each item including its name, price, and a link to the product page on the brand’s website.

Alternatively, users can also click on a “shop” button that can be found on the top of a brand’s profile. Here they can see a feed of all photos with products tagged.

And there you have it, using these 5 little tips you now know how to maximise your Instagram profile and drive traffic to your website as a result.