About Our Founders

A budding business gets its solid foundations from a number of different factors. Having a great team and an even better product should, of course, be the basis of any good company. However, this can never be achieved without the help, support and backing of the people who are trying to turn an idea into a reality. At Winfooz we have two such people. Our Co-Founders decided to take their years of industry knowledge and expertise and flip it into something new AKA Winfooz the one-stop-shop Dealer-to-Dealer Marketplace to buy and sell automobiles online.

So who are these mystery maestros behind the brand? let’s have a look:

Omar Ayesh

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Omar Ayesh is a Canadian real estate and technology entrepreneur and investor who started out in the auto industry building a chain of successful dealerships. As an early adopter of online auto trading, Omar has bought and sold thousands of autos online since the early 2000s.

A true visionary, Omar was the founder and chairman of Tameer, a Dubai based real estate company. The success of Tameer, which became the fastest growing real estate development company in the region and built the tallest residential tower in the world, has put Omar on the Forbes list of the top 50 wealthiest men in the region.

Today Omar is the largest backer of Winfooz – the end-to-end marketplace solution for auto trading in Canada and North America. His dream is to see Winfooz grow to become the world’s best online source of autos and auto delivery for everyone.

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Osman Heggi

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Osman is a proud Canadian and loving father of two. He was raised in the Greater Toronto Area and has been involved in auto trading and trucking for many years. He has bought and sold hundreds of cars in the virtual world of auto auctions, shipping them cross-border and internationally.

No one knows the pain points of auto dealers and shippers better than Osman. His passion for cars and belief in the power of e-commerce were the drivers to create Winfooz.

Today Osman is the Global CEO of Winfooz, leading the company in every facet from product development through to sales and marketing. His dream is to solve the pain points of auto dealers and consumers by offering a truly disruptive marketplace that puts the user first and opens new opportunities that the auto industry has been waiting for.

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The Future is bright

It’s safe to say with both Osman and Omar’s expertise, Winfooz has industry knowledge, understanding and a track record that allows us to be confident that the future of the online Dealer-to-Dealer is coming and we are now in a position to begin leading the auto industry into the digital revolution.

Do you want to find out more about the Winfooz platform? Why not check out our site or request a demo from one of our expert team.